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About Us

Papallis L.L.C. is a full service law firm with clients split almost equally between businesses and private individuals.

Our style is friendly and proactive, professional and direct.

We are flexible, innovative and quick on our feet.

We concentrate on developing lasting relationships with our clients so that we can tailor advice to each unique situation.

Our advice is always practical, forward thinking and backed by opinion that supports our clients' commercial objectives.

Our History

Rely on our experience

With roots that can be traced back as far as 1980s, the firm now has members who all work within specialist teams focusing on the niche work carried out by their department. We are based centrally at our office in Larnaca city centre and from here we serve clients nationally and internationally.

Our Values

Papallis L.L.C. is proud of its strong internal culture

Clients describe us as a friendly and collaborative firm, with strong emphasis on quality, commerciality. We are ambitious and determined to succeed both for our clients and for ourselves. This is reflected in our vision which is to further consolidate our position as a top quality law firm doing high end work for its clients. Our values reflect both who we are as a firm and our aspirations for the future; they shape what we do and how we do it.

Our values are:

  • clients come first, dedication to them;
  • quality in all we do, excellence in everyone and everything;
  • commitment to the firm’s success;
  • working together as a firm;
  • helping our people to achieve their potential;
  • entrepreneurial spirit and energy.

Pro Bono

Pro bono work is a responsibility, not just a duty

Our pro bono initiative offers our experience and commercial legal expertise to charities, individuals and not-for-profit social enterprises tackling disadvantage, which are unable to afford legal advice or to secure governmental legal help.

All pro bono matters are undertaken to the same high standard as our commercial matters.

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