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Firm Overview and Approach to Legal Services

The Firm was introduced back in 1986 by Mr Antonis Papallis who is now the Head Partner leading a team of Lawyers and paralegals. The Firm was involved in partnerships however came back to its original formation in 2010. The Firm now employs five (5) Lawyers, two (2) paralegals, three (3) secretaries along with two (2) accountants for our in house Financial Department.

Our foundations are set on ethics both personal and professional. We give an exceptional level of attention to our Clients, combining our extensive expertise with a commitment to offering an efficient and competitive service of the highest standard. At the heart of this commitment are talented individuals who share a passion for working with Clients to deliver results while at the same time proud for their reputation as advocates with a flexible approach and 'get-the-job-done' attitude. We have introduced to our Firm the latest tech and we continually make upgrades so that our people find a simplified work environment and enjoy all resources to get the maximum out of every single case/matter. Our goal is to provide each individual client the highest standard and satisfaction based on an ongoing performance up to the point where we get the maximum.

The Firm has a great deal of experience with the Conveyancing area, Acquisition of Citizenship, Permanent Residency and Investment as various Clients have trusted our expertise and continue with our cooperation. Our services have been much appreciated to point that we had to create a separate team to handle such cases. This significant experience provides us the ability to provide competent and prompt legal Consultation to Clients. We believe that the more minds involved the better the result and we make use of this. Conveyance and regulations for citizenship are changing as many countries try to become more competitive in the global market. Here at Antonis A. Papallis & Associates LLC we are always up to date with any new laws and regulations, local or within the scope of the European Union and try to apply them for the best interest of our Clients.

Antonis A. Papallis & Associates LLC is a member of LawLink, a global Law Firms Club. Our participation in LawLink makes us able to provide services to our Clients through our Partners in a Global scale.

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