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Invest in Cyprus

Why Invest in Cyprus

Living in a globalised community offers you a great deal of Investment possibilities, however being eclectic, being able to make a choice that suits you best, is what really matters.
So why is Cyprus the right choice for Investment?
  • Strategic geographic location: Cyprus is a crossroad to 3 Continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Member of the European Union.
  • All Companies are subject to a uniform tax rate of 12.5%, the lowest Corporate Tax rate in the European Union.
  • Double taxation policies with many Countries.
  • No Inheritance Tax
  • Cyprus has recently discovered important amounts of oil & gas
  • Exemptions in respect of dividends received from other companies
  • No tax on profits earned from permanent establishments abroad under certain conditions
  • Tax relief of foreign tax paid
  • Tax exemption on Foreign Exchange gains or losses
  • Cyprus teaching system is considered to be amongst the best in the European Union. English Private Schools are also of very high standards.
  • A vibrant island with over 9.000 years of history.
  • Cyprus has a very low crime rate.
  • English language is very widely used in Cyprus.
  • Relaxed pace of life.
  • High standard medical care.
  • Worldwide accessible flights.
  • All year round warm climate.
  • Clean and picturesque coastline.
  • Cultural and modern places of interest.
  • Vibrant or peaceful day and nightlife to accommodate for all.
  • Home to a great number of Multinational companies including world known restaurant, hotel and shop chains.